Tuesday, July 7, 2020

COVID Data for St. Johns County

St. Augustine Beach in St. Johns County. Photo by A. Doyle
The Florida Department of Health web site offers some interesting numbers for the virus activity in our state AND for our county. Click on the "Cases by County" tab on the bottom of that web page for the SJC data. 

As of today (7-7-2020), St. Johns County (population 264,000+) has had 1,409 people test positive for COVID-19. Seventy-eight have been hospitalized for the virus, and only 8 have died. If you click on the "Health Metrics" tab at the bottom of the Department of Health web page, you'll see that emergency room visits in our county for COVID-like illnesses have been flat from 6/21/20 to 6/28/20.

So, while the media continues to paint a very dark picture of the virus situation, especially in Florida, this data helps to put our county's situation in a clearer light.

To your health!

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